Doming pins

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Available shapes


    • PIN-FI10
      ø 10mm
    • PIN-FI12
      ø 12mm
    • PIN-FI13
      ø 13mm
    • PIN-FI15
      ø 15mm
    • PIN-FI16
      ø 16mm
    • PIN-FI17
      ø 17mm
    • PIN-FI20
      ø 20mm
    • PIN-FI25
      ø 25mm
    • PIN-FI32
      ø 32mm
    • PIN-FI37
      ø 37mm


      • PIN-K10X10
        PIN-K10X10height: 10mm
        width: 10mm
      • PIN-K12X12
        PIN-K12X12height: 12mm
        width: 12mm
      • PIN-K15X15
        PIN-K15X15height: 15mm
        width: 15mm
      • PIN-K18X18
        PIN-K18X18height: 18mm
        width: 18mm
      • PIN-K20X20
        PIN-K20X20height: 20mm
        width: 20mm


        • PIN-P7x18
          PIN-P7x18height: 7mm
          width: 18mm
        • PIN-P8X25
          PIN-P8X25height: 8mm
          width: 25mm
        • PIN-P10x20
          PIN-P10x20height: 10mm
          width: 20mm
        • PIN-P10X30
          PIN-P10X30height: 10mm
          width: 30mm
        • PIN-P10X40
          PIN-P10X40height: 10mm
          width: 40mm
        • PIN-P11X13
          PIN-P11X13height: 11mm
          width: 13mm
        • PIN-P12X24
          PIN-P12X24height: 12mm
          width: 24mm
        • PIN-P12X19
          PIN-P12X19height: 12mm
          width: 19mm
        • PIN-P13X15
          PIN-P13X15height: 13mm
          width: 15mm
        • PIN-P13X21
          PIN-P13X21height: 13mm
          width: 21mm
        • PIN-P13X60
          PIN-P13X60height: 13mm
          width: 60mm
        •  PIN P15X20
          PIN P15X20height: 15mm
          width: 20mm
        • PIN P16X33
          PIN P16X33height: 16mm
          width: 33mm
        •  PIN P20X40
          PIN P20X40height: 20mm
          width: 40mm


          • PIN-H11X15
            PIN-H11X15height: 11mm
            width: 15mm
          • PIN-H14X18
            PIN-H14X18height: 14mm
            width: 18mm
          • PIN-H19X24
            PIN-H19X24height: 19mm
            width: 24mm
          • PIN-H16X20
            PIN-H16X20height: 16mm
            width: 20mm
          • PIN-H17X20
            PIN-H17X20height: 17mm
            width: 20mm
          • PIN-H19X20
            PIN-H19X20height: 19mm
            width: 20mm
          • PIN-H26X31
            PIN-H26X31height: 26mm
            width: 31mm


            • PIN-O11x21
              PIN-O11x21height: 11mm
              width: 21mm
            • PIN-O12x18
              PIN-O12x18height: 12mm
              width: 18mm
            • PIN-O18x21
              PIN-O18x21height: 18mm
              width: 21mm


              • PIN-F12x26
                PIN-F12x26height: 12mm
                width: 26mm

              Another shape

                • PIN-X
                  ø 40mm

                The standard Doming pins are made of a brass backing, a pin clasp with a butterfly, an imprint and a convex layer of polyurethane resin. We offer several dozen ready-made shapes that You can use. For Customers who wish a different shape, there is a possibility of making a dedicated die. The print is made on a ten-color device that can achieve above-average quality in CMYK printing and very good reproduction of some colors in the PANTONE scale. We do not use minimum quantities.

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